Webb Cut Comb Knife

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Webb Cut Comb Knife

If you have at least a few seasons of beekeeping under your belt and are interested in producing a sought-after product without the mess of extraction, comb honey production may be for you. We carry three ways to produce comb honey: the Ross Round System, the Hogg Halfcomb System and the cut comb method.

This high quality knife slices through comb honey without crushing the delicate cells. It is the perfect tool for preparing cut comb and chunk comb honey. The knife features a sturdy wooden hand, a serrated side and a flat side for different cutting options.

Hint: Cut your comb honey into smaller chunks and put into a wide mouth jar, such as our 2 1/2 lb. square jar, with your extracted honey. The resulting product, Chunk Honey, is irresistible to customers and helps introduce comb honey to those who have never tried it.

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