Maxant JR Uncapping Spinner

  • $1,540.00
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Maxant JR Uncapping Spinner

Separate your honey and wax cappings with ease. The result is more honey to sell. Cappings are ready for melting into bricks. The 20 gauge stainless steel tank is 20” in diameter and 32” high. The bottom is die-formed, and conical for ease of side draining. Will handle 50-60 lbs of capping before you have to stop the machine to empty it. You uncap directly into the machine, pump, and feed all while the machine is running.The removable cappings basket is constructed from 18 gauge perforated stainless steel and laser cut to perfection. Complete with legs, this machine ships at a weight of 150 lb. in a heavy duty carton


*Please note: Maxant items drop-ship directly from the manufacturer. If there is other merchandise on your order you will receive it in a separate shipment. Shipping times of Maxant items vary.

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