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Deeps or mediums, brood box or supers, shallow or comb honey supers, 8 frame or 10 frame, select or commercial, assembled or unassembled? When it comes to the woodenware your hive is comprised of, there are a multitude of terms and options that can be somewhat bewildering to the beginner. Here’s the quick guide to what’s what in Betterbee's woodenware line:

Deep Hive Bodies (or Brood Boxes): Traditionally, where the queen lays her eggs. Comprise the first two boxes of the hive. They are deeper (taller) than Honey Supers thus the name "Deeps."

Mediums (or Honey Supers): Traditionally, where honey is stored. Placed on top of the Brood Boxes. When filled with honey, our 10 Frame Medium Supers can weigh 55 pounds.

Shallows (or Comb Honey Supers): Can be used to store honey or used to create comb honey. Our 10 Frame Shallow Supers can weigh 40 pounds when filled with honey.

8 Frame or 10 Frame: Woodenware that either fits 8 or 10 frames! 8 Frame woodenware is increasingly popular as it weighs less and makes it more accessible to a range of beekeepers.

Select or Commercial: This refers to the grade of wood used to make your woodenware. You have a choice of Select (virtually all clear Eastern Pine, possessing only the occasional small knot) and Commercial (which may possess a greater number of knots). If you are painting your woodenware, Commercial grade is the typical choice. If you are varnishing your wood, Select is a great option.

Assembled or Unassembled: Put together (saves you time) or not (saves you shipping!). Nails not included with unassembled boxes.
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