Hives & Components

8 and 10 Frame Hive Components

Our full line of 7/8" woodenware is thicker, stronger, and longer lasting.

Betterbee only sells woodenware that is 7/8 inch thick. That is 14% thicker than the industry standard. Does thickness matter? We think so, because it gives you more: Insulation, Durability, Bang for Your Buck and Secure Handholds

The Perfect Fit

Our Hive Bodies and Supers are interchangeable with all other American standard equipment, even though our Hive Bodies have thicker, stronger walls than what our competition offers. The thicker wood also makes possible a deeper, easier to grip handhold. That means fewer accidents in the field when you're wearing gloves

It's not the Knot

The knots are not a concern to bees. A sound or tight knot is actually a stronger piece of wood (the closer the rings are together, the stronger the wood). Bees will adapt to the environment provided by propolizing the interior space.

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