Crimp-wired foundation is the most popular type of wax foundation on the market. Crimped wires run vertically through the foundation for added strength and support. Wire hooks on the top of the foundation help keep the foundation in place behind the wedge in the frame.

Duragilt foundation has a tough inner core of plastic and is coated on both sides with beeswax. It has reinforced metal edges, which means there is no wire or support pins. Communication holes are provided along the lower edge of the foundation.

Plastic Foundation

Love wooden frames but hating wiring foundation? Plastic foundation is the thing for you. This Plastic Foundation is especially designed for wooden frames--and is equal quality to the one-piece frames. These are ideal for installing in old wooden frames and are less work than a crimp-wired style--less cleaning! Comes coated with beeswax and works best with grooved top bars. Wondering which color is better? We get that question all the time, and there is no right answer. Because bees work in the dark, they don't care about the color of the frames/foundation. Here is how we choose the color in our hives: We use black in all of our brood chambers because, when inspecting brood development, it is easier to see the eggs against a dark background. For our honey supers, we use either color. Some beekeepers prefer the look of capped honey against a light background. We believe capped honey looked great against any background!

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