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In 2000, Betterbee introduced the Beemax line of polystyrene beekeeping products as a "better" way to raise your bees

Start off your new hobby or update your old one with the best and most up-to-date equipment. Your bees will get off to a faster start in these hives, make more surplus honey for you and your family and survive the winter better than a wooden hive

BeeMax FAQs:

Can I use my wooden honey supers on top of a BeeMax hive for honey production?

Yes, wooden supers fit nicely on a BeeMax hive, but the walls are thicker, so a portion of the top of the BeeMax hive wall will be exposed. Paint this area when you paint your hives if you use wooden supers

Will my BeeMax hive withstand the same kind of beekeeper abuse that wooden hives can?

No, their longevity will be based on the extra care you give them. Don't throw them around or drop them. If reasonable care is taken, they should last just as long as a wooden hive

Are ants, mice and wax moths a problem with these hives?

Pests are no more of a problem in BeeMax hives than in wooden hives. If the hives are strong, your bees will keep these pests out themselves

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