Equipment for honey extracting.

When choosing an extractor, ask yourself: How many hives do I have, and perhaps the more important question, am I going to increase my numbers?

If you have one or two hives and do not expect to expand beyond that then it is hard to beat a basic 2 frame extractor. It is affordable and functional.

If you plan on growing or even think your hobby may grow beyond two hives then consider an extractor that will handle 4 to 8 frames. When you add more hives and a manual system maybe too much exercise consider a motorized extractor. Now you are good until you decide to go big as a sideliner.

Ready to go big or become sideliner? Then pick the size extractor you will need. We offer 20, 36, and up to 56 frame radial extractors. Give us a call if you do not see the size extractor you are looking for.

Tangential vs Radial

Most smaller extractors are tangential and one side of a frame is extracted at a time. The advantage is they extract quickly with a smaller drum diameter. Radial extraction is much more convenient than tangential as you do not need to stop and flip the frames and there is less chance of damaging those newly drawn frames. Most radial extractors are motorized.

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