Insert Beemax Feeder: 8FR

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Insert Beemax Feeder: 8FR

This plastic drown guard insert is designed for our 8 frame innovative Hive Top Feeder. The three gallon capacity allows for fewer refills. Bees enter at the front and are kept from the bulk of the syrup by a Plexiglas panel (included) that creates a “wall” between the entrance and the syrup.

We recommend applying two coats of exterior latex paint to the feeder to protect it against the elements. Make sure to clean and dry feeder before storing for the winter.

Making Sugar Syrup: For Spring feeding make a 1:1 syrup using 1 pound water (2 cups) to 1 pound sugar. For fall feeding make a 2:1 syrup using 2 pounds sugar per pound of water. Water must be very hot to dissolve sugar. We do not feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights. Some beekeepers recommend putting Honey Bee Healthy to reduce mold, but always remember to remove feeders with moldy syrup and clean them well before reapplying the feeder and feed.

Click here for Hive Top Feeder Instructions.

Note: Do NOT use an inner cover when feeding. Make sure the outer cover is clean of debris and sits flat on top of the feeder. That will ensure no outside bees can enter the feed reservoir and drown.

Hint: Roughen the Plexiglas panel on the inside with 80 grit sandpaper to give bees better grip so they don't fall into the syrup.

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