2 Gal Feeder Pail & Lid

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2 Gal Feeder Pail & Lid

Holds 2 gallons of sugar syrup. The stainless steel feeder screen is attached directly to the inside of the feeder pail cover.

How they work: Fill the feeder pail with syrup and install the lid. The filled pail is placed on top of the inner cover with the pail over the hole in the inner cover. Bees access syrup directly from the screen. Alternately the pail can be placed directly on top of the frames without the inner cover. In both cases the feeder pail needs to be covered with an empty hive body and outer cover to prevent robbing. Use 1:1 (1 lb sugar per pound water) in spring and 2:1 (2 lb sugar per pound water) in the fall. Syrup should be warm but not hot when placed on the hive. For more information open the document here.

Please note that the design of this product has changed and that we are now attaching the screen directly to the pail lid. The diameter of the hole is 1 7/8". The old style drilled lids with removable screened plugs are still available.

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