We offer the following types of feeders:

The BeeMax® Feeder comes in 8, 10 and BeeMax® sizes. It's our favorite at Betterbee. It goes directly on top of the brood frames without an inner cover. It can be refilled without opening the hive.

The Ultimate In Hive Feeder sits on top of the frames in the hive. One or two can be used in one hive. Put a medium super around these like you would with the pail feeders.

The Ultimate Hive Top Feeder uses the same gallon tank as the Ultimate In Hive Feeder, but this feeder can be used directly on top of the hive after you drill a 1” hole in your outer cover.

Pail Feeders are available in 1 and 2 gallon sizes. There is an embedded screen in the center of the lid which, when inverted, gives bees access to the syrup. The feeder is placed on the inner cover, and if the inner cover has a notch, we recommend covering it to decrease the opportunities for robbing. The feeder is enclosed by placing an empty hive body around the pail followed by the outer cover.

Division Board Feeders go inside the hive and replace 1 or 2 frames. These feeders have a cover and sort of ladder inside to prevent bees from drowning. The hive needs to be opened to refill the feeder.

Boardman Feeders use a small mouthed mason jar (which you supply) and is placed at the entrance of the hive. Advantages include: easy access and the ability to tell when feeder needs to be refilled. Disadvantages include: a significant distance to get to the feeder, and that robbing can occur more easily in weak hives. These feeders will require frequent refilling as hives can consume over a gallon of feed per day when preparing for winter. They are not used well in cool weather. For a weak hive, consider putting an entrance reducer beside the feeder to help the bees defend against robbers. We often use these here above an inner cover inside an empty hive body. It moves the feed closer to the bees and reduces the invitation to robbers. Be sure to cover the notch in the inner cover to prevent robbing.

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