Deep Division Board Feeder

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Deep Division Board Feeder

A division board feeder is so named because it potentially divides the frames of brood when placed into a colony.Division board feeders are devices used to feed honeybees a supplemental feed, usually in the form of a simple syrup, sucrose or HFCS 55 type of feed.

This rugged feeder holds up to 95 oz of sugar syrup and fits into a deep hive body. The feeder will takes up the room of 1-1/2 frames, so you'll have to remove two frames to accomodate the feeder. Textured inner walls, as well as a top with entry ladders, help provide traction for bees to climb in and out of the feeder. Made of black rugged polypropylene plastic.

In some circumstances it is preferable to place the feeder in positions one or ten in a ten frame hive body (one or eight in an eight frame hive body) rather that dividing the brood frames.In other circumstance one would want to locate the feeder closer to the brood and thus potentially "divide" the brood frames.Typically, a beekeeper divides brood when they want to ensure the quickest access to the feed from the bees and to ensure that the syrup inside gets taken down quickly. In these circumstances place the feeder in position two or nine in a ten frame hive body.

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