Betterbee Observation Hive

  • $179.95
Betterbee Observation Hive

As any new or experienced beekeeper knows, a lot goes on in the hive that we don't know about. Observation hives let you peer into the world bees inhabit, and can help you gain a better understanding of the ways they build comb, establish hierarchies and and create their own queens.

This observation hive has plexi glass viewing panels on both sides and one is hinged for easy access. The hive can hold up to three frames ( two deeps or three mediums) and has a screened feeding station that fits a boardman feeder cap.( Jar not included ) The hive includes a sliding plexiglass entrance to allow bees to be isolated in the hive or pass in and out freely. The hive can be adapted to accommodate a PVC pipe entrance, which can then be attached to another pipe which leads outside.The top cover is removable to allow for extra ventilation in hot weather or when transporting the hive.

Observation Hive Instructions here to learn more.

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