Gourmet Creamed Honey Kit

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Gourmet Creamed Honey Kit

This Creamed Honey Kit is a great way to begin making your own creamed honey.

How to make creamed honey: Raw honey is first pasteurized to kill an yeasts that may be present in the honey. A seed batch of previously creamed honey is added to the pasteurized honey to produce a mixture of 10% creamed honey and 90% pasteurized honey. After thouroughly mixing the batch so that it has started to cream (and looks like the seed batch), the mixture is allowed to rest at a controlled temperature of 57°F (14°C). This method will produce a batch of creamed honey in about one to two weeks.


12 Cream Honey Cups

Creamed Honey Drill

Honey Pail with 2" Gate

1 lb. of Creamed Honey and instructions.

Did you know?

Creamed honey is the process of honey crystallization in a controlled environment. Creamed honey can also be called whipped honey, spun honey, and candied honey.

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