Maxant Bottling Tank: 16gal

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Maxant Bottling Tank: 16gal

Maxant Bottling Tank: 16gal w/ Stainless Steel No-Drip Valve

Ideal for bottling, heating, filtering honey and processing wax. This is the top of the line when it comes to bottling tanks. Stainless steel construction, electrically welded, water-jacketing on bottom and sides. Each tank comes with a stainless steel bottling valve, water sight-glass, and thermometer.

Only the best 18 gauge stainless #4 polished steel is selected. Parts are laser cut, power rolled, and seamed on by robots. The fittings are TIG welded on water cooled machines by skilled American craftsmen. Every tank is hot water tested before shipping. These tanks are shipped complete with Watlow immersion heaters, site water gauges, thermometers, brass plugs, and cover.

This model can hold 16 gallons of honey, which is about 200 lb. of honey. 25 Gallon/300 lb. and 42 Gallon/500 lb. tanks also available.

Hint: When used as a wax heating tank, order with a 1” Ball Valve (sold separately, call to request) in place of the Stainless Steel No-Drip Honey Valve.

**If you are interested in purchasing this item as a PICK-UP at our store located in Greenwich, NY, please be sure to call first for availability.

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