Dripless Lids

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Dripless Lids

Like our flip top lids, and hi-flow spouts, these dripless lids contain a tamper-evident, safety inner seal, which assures you and your customers that your honey is safe and pure. There are many benefits to buying dripless lids; it can be used upside down or right side-up, and the rubber diaphragm in the cap makes for a leak-free lids that instantly seals after every squeeze. The large outer diameter of 45mm (compared to the inner diameter of 38mm, also the diameter of our flip top lids) ensures that your bottles have a sturdy foundation to balance on and that your honey is always ready to flow out of the bottle.

Our dripless lids come in 3 colors: Black, Yellow and Red, and are just one way to shake up the way your bottles look. When paired with our customizable labels and "I Love Honey" labels, these caps are a small way to make a big difference when it comes to delivering a unique and personal product to your customers.

Fits these containers:
16 oz. Plastic Honey Jars
32 oz. Plastic Honey Jars
16 oz. Skep Bottle
24 oz. Skep Bottle
Upside Down Honey Bottle
3 lb. Embossed Plastic Jar

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