30 Feet Candle Wicking

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30 Feet Candle Wicking

If you are interested in making candles, but don't feel the need for a large 1/2 lb. roll of wicking, these smaller quantities are a great alternative. We offer a variety of wicks for a variety of candle molds and needs. High quality, 100% cotton wicking for all your candle making needs. Don't forget your Wicking Needle!

Note: Wicking sizes listed are for beeswax only – using paraffin will change wicking sizes. We recommend experimenting with your wax and wick to determine the best burn rate for your beeswax or candle making enterprise.

Which Wick Should I buy?

Rolled/Tapers over 1" wide = 1/0 Square Braid

Rolled/Tapers under 1" wide = 2/0 Square Braid

Wide Figures/Pillars over 3" wide = 60 Ply

Votives/Candles under 3" wide = 44-24 Zinc Core Wire

Votives/Candles over 3" wide = 51-32 Zinc Core Wire

Beeswax tapers of all types = #2 Wicking

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