12 Inch Taper Mold

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12 Inch Taper Mold

When you want to produce the finest 12" candles look no further. Choose from a variety of traditional candle shapes with bases that vary from 7/8" to 1" these molds will produce fabulous candles for you for years of repeated use. These production-grade molds are durable and flexible. Ideal for beeswax or beeswax/bayberry wax candles positively no sticking. They’re self-wicking; just pull the finished candle out and you pull up a new wick. Self-sealing at base no need for sealer around the wick. You’ll be able to set up in only 30-45 minutes. No seams or trimming necessary. These durable, production-grade molds are made of polyurethane.

Available in two styles/diameters from left to right, Hex (7/8"), Standard (7/8").

Don't forget your wicking needle.

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