Assembled Complete BeeMax® Nuc

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Assembled Complete BeeMax® Nuc

These rugged, easy-to-handle polystyrene Nuc Boxes are perfect for making early or late splits, transferring colonies or increasing your apiary’s size easily. Feed directly into the box. The assembled BeeMax nuc includes a plastic lined entrance on one end, and a screened ventilation hole on both ends. A Betterbee Hive Portal with four sections (open, queen excluder, drone excluder, and vent-only) is used to control the entrace. We will choose a color for your portal.

How to feed with the BeeMax Nuc: Feeding the nucs internally is very fast and accurate: 1 liter of sugar syrup can be pumped into the Nuc through the hive entrance at one time. The syrup falls on the floor of the nuc and is quickly picked up by the bees. There is no waste and we have not experienced any queen loss or damage to the bees by doing this.

Why BeeMax is Better: Our BeeMax line of polystyrene hive components add an extra layer of protection for your bees through added insulation. With an R-value of 6.5 (versus a value of 1 or less in a wooden box), colonies in BeeMax equipment spend less energy maintaining the temperature in the hive, leaving them more time to do the important things - brood production, food collection, etc.

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