Beekeeping State Laws and Federal Regulations
This is a list of the known Beekeeping State Laws and Federal Regulations. Beekeeping is governed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Food and Drug Administration at the Federal level. At the State level beekeeping is governed by a variety of agency if any. Some states are completely deregulated others are not. You can use this infromation to familiarize yourself with the state regulatory bodies that are responsible for administering beekeeping state and federal laws.

You can perform a search in one or two ways. One of two ways is to click on your state to view all information for that state. The other option is to enter your zip code. This will then provide you with the state infromation and links to the either the administrative code or the statute. Some information may be missing, that may be because the states beekeeping industry is completely deregulated or the states codes are obscure or not online, though it is the 21st century we wish they were. This list won't include beekeeping laws at the municipal or city level as there are far to many to keep track of. But it can be a good starting place to find out about your local laws by starting here and working your way to the local level.

If you find this information to be innacurate let us know via the contact us form. Provide us the updated details and we'll update this page with the newest information.


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