BeeMax® Hive Kits

BeeMax Hive Kits

Betterbee offers the easiest ways to start out right in beekeeping. Our kits take the guess work out of choosing the right products.

Why choose a BeeMax kit?

BeeMax is an industrial grade polystyrene hive that offers superior insulation for your colony. Better insulated hives stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing for the colony's energy to be used elsewhere.

Getting Started

To insure your beekeeping success, we suggest you find a beekeeping mentor (an established beekeeper) who is willing to share how he or she manages his or her own bees. If you cannot find a mentor, you might consider attending an introductory class on beekeeping. Classes are held at locations throughout the country, and at our learning center in Greenwich, NY

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