2oz Bear & Cap: Case of 40

  • $22.20
2oz Bear & Cap: Case of 40

If you're looking for a fun, small way to promote your honey business, or just want to share the wealth of your harvest, these are the bears for you! It's no secret that bears are a close friend honey, so it's easy to see why you and your customers will want to gobble up the delicious--not to mention beautiful--honey from these adorable bear shaped bottles. Our 2 oz. bear is the perfect wedding or shower favor, sample container or addition to your honey table. It's hard to resist these cute little bears!

Dimensions of flat panel: 1-1/4" tall x 1" wide

Also sold in flats of 160 and cases of 800. Our Baby Bear label fits perfectly on this container!

Note 1: The weight of honey varies by density and the percentage of water it contains. We have found variations for this container to be between 2 and 2.5 oz. It also varies depending upon where you fill it to. In our test here, filled to the neck it held 2.4 oz of honey by weight

Note 2: Labels are NOT included in bear pricing and are sold seperately.

Note 3: Please note that there is no need to wash these containers prior to filling them with honey. Manufacturing practices have changed to eliminate this need.

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