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Varroa Testing Kit

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Item # VTK1

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All you need to check for varroa mites. The gold standard to check Varroa mite infestation levels is to use an alcohol or ether roll but if you want a reliable method without having to kill 300 bees then the sugar roll is the next best thing. Beekeepers have every intention of getting a kit together but… So we have put everything you need into this kit except the bees. A dishpan to shake a frame of bees from the brood area into and inspect for the queen. Knock the bees into a corner and scoop ½ cup of bees (~ 300 ) with the measuring cup and put into the mason jar. Screw on the wire mesh cap and sift in 2 tablespoons or so of powdered sugar. Shake the bees vigorously to dislodge the mites, let them sit for a minute, and repeat the shaking. Next, shake out the sugar and mites onto the white plate. Return the powdered (ghost) bees to the hive and then spray the the powder on the plate with water using the spray bottle to dissolve the sugar and,voila, the brown mites are now clearly visible on the white plate. Divide the number of mites by three and now you have the percent infestation of your sample.


The significance of various mite levels is debated and varies with season. As a general recommendation, if the total number of mites found in a sample is over 2 in spring or over 5 in fall, then you should treat your bees. We are most comfortable with the recommendations of the Ontario Tech Transfer team available here: http://www.ontariobee.com/sites/ontariobee.com/files/document/Copy-of-varroa-sampling-EN.pdf

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  • Date Introduced by Betterbee, Inc.: 11/1/2013