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5 Frame Overwintered Nucleus Colony with Queen

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Item # NUC1

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**5/29/2014 UPDATE**
There are a limited number of nucs that have come available. These nucs would be for pick up at our Greenwich, NY location.

Nucleus hives or nucs are small 5 frame colonies made up by dividing existing colonies. Each nuc is given a queen and the colonies are allowed to establish themselves. When you receive your nuc it will generally consist of one or two frames of honey and pollen,  two or three frames with brood and eggs and one frame of foundation being drawn out as an area for the colony to expand into . There is honey, pollen and brood in all stages. Because there is brood hatching and young bees being born nucs build up more quickly than packages and need to be transferred to full size colonies immediately.They will usually be ready for a second brood box within several weeks of installation. Nucs should be fed until all frames in the first brood chamber are drawn out. Please note that if drawn frames are used instead of foundation they will be filled very quickly. In other words the colony will need a super sooner using drawn comb compared to foundation. Overwintered nucs differ from spring nucs in that they were prepared the previous summer. They are produced from locally acclimated bees with locally produced northern queens. We like to say that overwintered nucs are “tested.” By this we mean that the queen has taken her colony through a winter and survived. We feel this selection process produces bees well acclimated for our local climate.

Pre-Pay Only via Credit Card (online), Check, Money Order, Cash
At the time of ordering we will ask for the best methods to contact you to pick up your nuc. When nucs are ready, we will contact you. If we are not able to reach you we will have to contact the next available customer. This simply means that we will contact you when the next group is available.
Please, orders for Nucleus Hives must be separate from all other merchandise orders.

$20 fee for cancellations

Nucs should be available in May. Depending on weather nucs might be available as early as late April or as late as early June. Our goal is to provide nucs that are building up rapidly but are not so strong that they are preparing to swarm. We will contact you about scheduling a pickup when the colonies are ready for release to you.

How can I be a beekeeper with out a nuc?
Packages are another alternative to start or expand your apiary, Betterbee will also be selling packages this year.

Please find more information on Packaged Bees here

1. Be sure your beehive is assembled and painted and ready for your bees BEFORE your pickup day. You should also have the hive location selected and prepared in advance.
2. A Nucleus colony generates significant amounts of heat. The top of the nuc will be covered with screen so that if the day is hot the cover can be left off the nuc during transport and the bees will be able to keep cool. The bees can easily die if left in direct sun or an unventilated area. DO NOT transport in the trunk, in the direct sun, or in other unventilated area.
3. Bring protective clothing (veil, gloves, etc) depending on your level of comfort with the bees.
4. Feeding the new colony is essential. Plan to continue feeding until the colony is well established, there is brood in all stages, and all frames in the bottom super are drawn.

  • Material: Galvanized Mesh, Proprietary High Density Polstyrene, Beeswax, Wood, Plastic
  • Condition: New
  • Length: 21.75
  • Width: 10.75
  • Height: 12.25
  • Item Weight: 10100 lb
  • Date Introduced by Betterbee, Inc.: 9/1/1979

Beehive Information
  • Joint Type: Molded - One Piece
  • Frame Capacity: 5 Frame
  • Beehive Type: BeeMax
  • Beehive Grade: Select
  • Frame/Foundation Accepted: Wooden/Wax, Wooden/Plastic, Plastic