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Deluxe Refractometer

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Item # REFT2

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Price: $72.95

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A very handy, stainless device for measuring the moisture content of your honey. This is an accurate instrument that will provide years of use for an economical price. Measures BRIX% from 58 to 90 in quarter percent increments and Water% from 12.0 to 27.0 in half percent increments.

• Refractometers are useful tools, and this sturdy device is simple to calibrate. Calibration for refractometers is only accurate for temperature at which calibration is done.

• If the temperature of the room shifts 5° F, you must recalibrate. After this calibration, the instrument is calibrated for the current ambient room temperature.

• All Refractometers are designed to measure the refractive index of a solution. The brix scale is based on a sucrose (sugar) and water solution. However, since most samples contain substances other than sugar--such as salts, minerals and proteins--the Brix percentage represents the total concentration of all soluble solids in the sample.

• After measuring, use a lint-free tissue to wipe the sample off of the prism surface. If the sample contains oils or fats, use isopropyl alcohol and water to clean the prism surface.

• When not in use, keep refractometer in the storage case at room temperature (68° F). Avoid storing the unit in direct sunlight or in a moist environment and do not subject the unit to strong shocks or vibrations. The ambient temperature at which you can safely store the units is between 40 and 104° F.

Hint: To prevent fermentation, honey must have a water content of less than 17% (safe regardless of yeast count).

  • Material: Electronics, Metal, Plastic
  • Condition: New
  • Length: 8.5
  • Width: 3
  • Height: 2.5
  • Item Weight: 2 lb
  • Date Introduced by Betterbee, Inc.: 9/1/1979

Deluxe Refractrometer?

It was supposed to come calibrated. I got mine last year and it read between 22 - 24% moisture. I tried and tried drying out the honey, but could never get it below 19-20%. As a result, I couldn't sell any of the large quantity I had. Instead gave it to friends and family and told them to keep it refridgerated. This year, it was reading about 21% moisture content. However, I entered a couple things in our State Fair in categories they didn't appear to be testing moisture content. I was there while they were doing the judging and my heart sank when I saw they were actually refracting all items, even though only some said they would be. Luckily for me, it turns out the calibration on my "deluxe refractromer" was way off...the State Fair read it at 17.3% moisture (remember, mine read it at 21%?!). Never would have known if it weren't for entering things anyway!...thank goodness I did!

------Response from Betterbee-----------------

Hi Denise,  the refractometers are pre-calibrated.  However, because they are a manual device they must be checked for calibration when the ambient temperature fluctuates in 5° swings either up or down.  The device responds to the ambient room temperature, which can affect the moisture reading.  We reccomend following the enclosed instructions to calibrate the device every so often. An alternative to a manual device is a digital one, which can be calibrated with plain water.  However, the digital variants are much more expensive.