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Effective Sales Tools

A Sales tool is anything that helps you sell your primary product, honey, better. It may be signs, posters, or similar products to give more variety to your offerings.

Twenty years ago, we came out with the first "American Honey Pail", the only product that was directly developed to educate the public about the problems facing the American beekeeper as a consequence of the importation of cheap foreign honey. We have developed varietal labels for honey jars long before our National Honey Board decided that marketing varietal honey might be a positive way of adding value to our product.

We're always looking for ideas on how to better market honey, and we learn from our customers every day! Let us know if there is something that you would like to see us carry.

Save the American honeybee, buy local honey!

We believe that no beekeepers doubt the wisdom of offering a variety of products on their honey sales table or to their retail accounts. Often, however, they do not have time to put into making these products themselves. We can offer you these products without labels.

On several, we sell labels that you can place on them, complete with ingredients. You have only to add your name and address with a rubber stamp or an inexpensive return address label, and you can market the product. You will be happily surprised at how much quicker your honey sells when you have a variety of products to sell along side it. On most of these products you can make a minimum of a 50% mark up. Let's sell that local honey!

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Results 19-20 of 20123