We offer 4 choices of covers for your containers: Flip-Top Lid, Hi-Flo Spout, Dripless Lid and White Cap
White Twist Caps
These bright, white caps keep your honey jars looking great.
Flip Top Lids
Features Tamper-Evident, Safety Inner Seal - assures your customers that your honey is safe and pure.
These caps feature a larger opening for easier pouring and a built-in tamper evident inner seal.
Dripless Lids
The large lid provides a stable surface on which the bottle rests. The rubber diaphragm makes for a leak free cap and instantly seals after the squeeze.
PVC Heat Shrink Jar Sleeves
Professionalize your honey packing with the same PVC sleeves that the big packers use.
Metal Caps for Hex Jars
Metal Caps for Hex Jars
Corks for Muth Jars