Bee Hives and Components - Our wide variety of hives and components let you find the best beekeeping strategy for you.
10 Frame Wooden Hives and Components
Our full line of 7/8" woodenware is thicker, stronger, and longer lasting.
8 Frame Wooden Hives and Components
A lighter weight alternative to the traditional 10 frame hive.
BeeMax Hives and Components
A "better" way to raise your bees.  Your bees will get off to a faster start in these hives, make more surplus honey for you and your family, and survive the winter better than in a wooden hive.
Nuc Boxes and Components
Nuc Boxes are perfect for making early or late splits or transferring colonies.
Frames and Foundation

There are several options available for frames. You can choose between traditional wooden frames where you install the foundation of your choice or 1-piece Pierco frames which include wax coated plastic foundation.

Feeders and Bee Feed
Everything you need for feeding your bees
Comb Honey Supplies
The only true "raw" honey
Pollen Collection
Feeding your bees pollen that they collected keeps them healthy and aids in brood production.