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8 Frame Hive Kits

Betterbee offers the easiest ways to start out right in beekeeping.  Our kits take the guess work out of choosing the right products. 

Why choose an 8 frame wooden kit?  8 Frame equipment is a lighter weight alternative to the traditional 10 frame hive.  Beekeeping requires a lot of heavy lifting; be kinder to your back with an 8 Frame hive. Our woodenware is made from long-lasting 7/8" Eastern Pine.

Getting Started

To insure your beekeeping success, we suggest you find a beekeeping mentor (an established beekeeper) who is willing to share how he or she manages his or her own bees. If you cannot find a mentor, you might consider attending an introductory class on beekeeping. Classes are held at locations throughout the country, and at our learning center in Greenwich, NY

Results 10-18 of 20123