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BeeMax® Hivetop Feeder for 8 Frame Wooden Hives

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Item # BHTF8

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This innovative, leak-proof Hive Top Feeder is so much better than the old wooden style. In fact, it is practically maintenance free. This version, specifically designed for the 8 Frame Wooden Hives, is constructed of a seamless, one-piece polystyrene unit and  NEVER needs sealing or resealing. Bees enter at the front and are kept from the bulk of the syrup by a Plexiglass panel.


Hint 1: Paint the outside of this feeder with two coats of a good exterior latex paint.


Hint 2: Roughen the Plexiglass panel on the inside to give bees better grip so they don't fall into the syrup.


Making Sugar Syrup: For fall feeding, add enough water to 24 lbs. of sugar to make 3 gallons. For spring feeding, add enough water to 18 lbs. of sugar to make 3 gallons. Mixtures should be 75% solids by weight for fall feeding and 67% by weight for spring feeding. Thicker syrups in fall ensure good consumption rates and higher volume feeding in spring ensures colony build up. Some beekeepers recommend putting Honey Bee Healthy to ensure less mold, but always remember to remove feeders with moldy syrup and clean them well before reapplying the feeder and feed. Do not leave feed on indefinitely untended as bees will access feed only when they need it, sometimes abandoning it and long enough for mold spores to develop.

Please Note: Due to this item's dimensions, it will ship via FedEx Home Delivery only. If you would prefer a quote for another form of shipping via USPS or truck orders in bulk, please give us a call before placing your order.

Beemax Hivetop Feeder Instructions

  • Material: Plastic, Proprietary High Density Polstyrene
  • Condition: New
  • Length: 20
  • Width: 14
  • Height: 6
  • Item Weight: 15   lb
  • Date Introduced by Betterbee, Inc.: 1/1/2003
  • Item Color: White
  • Gluten Free:
  • Kosher Product:
  • Ingredients: