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Betterbee® American Copper Hive Top

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Item # ACHT1

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Price: $74.95

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The use of copper was an integral part of the late 19th Century American Crafts movement. Like our beekeeping ancestors of old, our beautifully designed copper hive top reflects the beekeepers pride in functionality and craftsmanship. Each copper top has features emblematic of the beekeeper's attention to detail: two screened ventilation holes at either end, finely hand-sanded wooden corners, rosehead copper nails and pure copper undivided sheeting (not the rolled, thinner version available in many of the garden hive top covers found on the market). You choose how your Betterbee American Copper Hive Top will find its use: functional in your apiary or purely aesthetic and decorative in your garden. Either use will reflect the pride you take in the craft you practice.

Protect Your Investment: We recommend a yearly, very light sanding of the copper with Scotch Brite and an application of Butcher's Wax to retard the natural oxidation process, unless you prefer the natural patina that will occur over time.

Please be patient. These copper hive tops are individually made and take time to produce. We suggest you consider an alternate hive top such as the BeeMax® Telescoping Outer Cover or Galvanized Telescoping Outer Cover while your copper top is being crafted.

Designed to fit standard 10 Frame Langstroth hives.

Note: We cannot accept returns due to spots, imperfections or scratches on the copper.

  • Material: Copper, Galvanized Mesh, Nails, Screws, Wood
  • Condition: New
  • Length: 24.12
  • Width: 20.25
  • Height: 6.31
  • Item Weight: 16 lb
  • Date Introduced by Betterbee, Inc.:

Copper Hive Top Review

This Top cannot be compared to anyone elses. They have really thought this out. The "one sheet" of Copper puts my mind to rest about moisture seeping in from rain or snow. Also, the ventilation holes also assure me that all is well with my hives. We have bought other "Copper Tops" from other companies and found ourself "Retro-Fitting" each and every one of them to attempt to duplicate all the features that Betterbee offers. Of course it is always better to "do it right the first time". We enjoy the look so much we have a hive near our front porch for all to see. It's great advertisement that we have high quality products. You know what they say about first impressions. It's construction and design are the very best (made in America, of course). In Oklahoma, we have all the exstreams when it comes to weather, it's best not too fool around with inferior products, but buy the best. That would be Betterbee's American Copper Hive Top.

Ruby Snowden

Tulsa, OK