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1 lb. Upside Down Bottle w/ Red Dripless Lid

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Made out of clear plastic, these upside down honey bottles have become popular in grocery stores for its leak-proof and durable design. They are taller and skinner than our Premium Plastic Jars and won't leave you waiting for honey to drain down into the spout or cap. The large lid provides a stable surface for the bottle to rest on, ensuring your honey is always ready to go.The rubber diaphragm makes for a leak-free cap that instantly seals after every squeeze. Dripless Lids available in red, black or yellow.

Tare Weight:  34.47 grams with FT1 cap.

Volume under Bead: 328 ml

Volume to Top of Bead: 331 ml

Overflow Capacity: 339 ml

Weight of Honey to Top of Bead: 1.03 lb. (16.51 oz.)

Please note:

The weight of each container and lid may vary within lots and between lots. Honey density may also vary.

In order for the container to appear “full” you may need to put more honey than the advertised capacity into the container.

Where appearance is an issue, you may want to price for the additional honey used. Where accuracy is an issue, please rely on a scale and not the bead of the container.

* Bead refers to base of neck on jars.

Looking to up the ante and personalize your upside down bottles? We offer a variety of customizable labels that are sure to make your honey products stand out and fly off the shelves.

Also available in cases of 12 and cases of 364.

Note 1: Cap colors cannot be mixed within cases.

Note 2: Please do not wash plastic containers in the dishwasher. However, it is a good idea to wash them in warm, soapy water before filling with honey.

Item # UDHB1F--RED
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