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Live Honey Bees
Live Honey Bees
Bee Hives and Components
Our wide variety of hives and components let you find the best beekeeping strategy for you.
Beekeeper's Tools
We have the perfect tool for every job in the beeyard.
Harvesting and Processing
From small scale to large scale operations, we carry the products to make the job easy, fast, and professional.
Honey Containers and Labels
We offer the widest variety of containers in the industry and the finest labels for you and for your honeybees' finest work
Effective Sales Tools
A Sales tool is anything that helps you sell your primary product, honey, better. It may be signs, posters, or similar products to give more variety to your offerings.
Candle Making Supplies
An ideal companion hobby for beekeepers.
Soap and Skin Care Making Supplies
Creating your own natural, soothing and therapeutic skin creations is easy and an idea sideline business
Food and Gift Items
Share you passion for beekeeping beyond the gift of honey. Promote all the products from the hive with these food and gift items.
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Maple Syrup Equipment
Add another sweet hobby
to your life with our maple
tapping supplies.
New Products
New Products from Betterbee
Discontinued Products
Discontinued Products
Sale Products
Sale Products
Classes and Events
Beekeeping, Candle Making, and Soap Making classes are available.
Assembly and Use Instructions
Instruction for setup and use of products