Essentials Kit: 10FR Unassem

Besides the options to the right, each kit includes a Wooden Inner Cover.
  • $118.75


Essentials Kit: 10FR Unassem

This 10 Frame unassembled kit comes complete with the essentials you need (except the bees) to get started right away. If you are catching swarms or making splits, this is a perfect way to start them off. Later, you can either reunite colonies or top with additional stories. Comes with all the components needed to start a colony quickly.

Please check the document here to learn more about your options when purchasing this kit.

The Essentials Kit Includes:
• Telescoping Outer Cover*
• Wooden Inner Cover
• 2 Deep Hive Bodies*
• 20 Deep Frames*
• Reversible Bottom Board*
• Varroa Monitoring Equipment*

* Denotes a kit component with options.

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