Cedar Hive Stand

  • $14.80


Cedar Hive Stand

These sturdy hive stands provide a base to keep your hive off of the ground and offer a large landing ramp for your bees. There are several benefits of using hive stands:

  • Hives are less damp when off the ground
  • It is easier to keep grass away from the entrance
  • Bottom boards last longer when not directly on the ground

    These Cedar Hive Stands come unassembled and included hardware and directions.


    Wooden 8 frame stand fits a standard 14" x 22" bottom board

    Wooden 10 frame stand fits a standard 16-1/4" x 22" bottom board

    BeeMax stand fits BeeMax bottom board 20" x 23-1/2"

    Cedar Hive Stand Assembly Instructions:

    For Wooden Hives here

    For BeeMax Hives here

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