Unassem Shallow: Comm Grade

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Unassem Shallow: Comm Grade

Commercial Grade: May possess a greater number of knots, but all are sound tight.

Supers are where your bees put the honey and the beekeeper places the frames to receive the comb and honey. Our supers are constructed from 7/8" thick Eastern Pine. Pine is a resilent, ideal wood for supers because it is durable enough for the job at hand. With care it will last for decades. Pine is also economical and easy to repair. Our supers are fully box-jointed and fit tighter, are less brittle and easier to assemble and nail together than other supers. Nails are sold seperately.

Our winters and beekeepers are tougher here in the Northeast, so we invented the 7/8" thick box that's tougher too. The extra 1/8" on the outside of the box adds extra strength and durability that will outlast the conventational 3/4" boxes made from a cheaper stock.

A shallow super full of honey and frames weighs about 40 lbs.

An assembled 8 Frame Shallow Super is 20"x14"x5 11/16" and a 10 Frame Shallow Super is 20"x16 1/4" x 5 11/16". They come unassembled like this or fully assembled and ready to paint.

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