Happy Spring from Betterbee!

Here at Betterbee we are gearing up for bee and nuc pickup days, coming up soon in April and May. While we have SOLD OUT of our packages and nucs, our increase kits and complete hive bodies are quick and easy ways to get ready for your new additions or splits.  

Carniolan queens and our popular Northern queens are now available for pre-order. Carniolans ship weekly during the Spring and Summer starting April 13th. Northerns will be available starting June 15th

As always, we are searching for new products for the beekeeper such as fencing, probiotic supplement, beneficial seed, and more! We appreciate your feedback, and if you are interested in seeing additional products please don't hesitate contact us!  Please note that if you haven’t ordered online yet this year, you will need to create a new username to log onto our website. You will need your customer number located on the back of your 2015 catalog or on an old invoice. 

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